On the sketch map opposite are shown eight photographs of places in Dulwich. Walk to each location and look for answers to the questions. The answers will be found within a 50 metre radius. Allow up to 3 hours to complete. Ages 8-80.

1. In which year was the existence of the red signpost first recorded?
What was the old name for Red Post Hill ?
What time is Sunday Worship ?
List ten different animals on the mural.

2. How many sea creatures are there on the bridge?
What do the initials A C stand for?
What is the number of the bridge?
What is the weight limit on the bridge?

3. How many people were killed In an air raid in September 1940?
What is the full name of Dulwich Library?
On one side is an open book, what is on the other side?
What time does the library close on a Sunday?

4. What is the design of the frieze around Dulwich Picture Gallery called?
When did the Gallery first open to the public?
What material did sculptor Peter Randall-Page use to carve his ‘Walking the Dog’ series?
How many urns on the top of the mausoleum?

5. What species of bat may be found in Belair?
What was once brewed as a popular drink?
Give three examples of what you must not do.
What is the Holly Blue’s favourite tree?

6. When did Edward Alleyn purchase the manor of Dulwich?
When did the College move to College Road?
What theatres did Edward Alleyn own?
What was the Village orchard in the 19th century?

7. What country is named on the plaque on the seat around the tree?
When did the hamlet of Dulwich become a village?
What was the name of the Queen of the Gipsies?
What happened to the hermit of Dulwich?

8. What nationality is the kindergarten that meets here?
When did the Borough of Camberwell build the houses?
What is the name of the Priest in charge?
What’s missing at St Faith’s Centre?



1. 1768 - Aspole Lane (Ashpole Lane) - 10.30AM

2. 12 sea creatures - Alleyn’s College - 1194 - 3 T (Tonnes)

3. 3 killed - Passmore Edwards Dulwich Public Library - crossed quill pens - 4pm

4. Greek key or Meander - 1817 - granite - 5 urns

5. Pipistrelles, Noctules, Daubenton’s- Burdock - Practise golf, fish, swim or bathe, feed the wildfowl - Holly

6. 1605 - 1870 - Little Rose, Fortune - school playground

7. Afghanistan - 1892 - Old Bridget - He was murdered

8. German - 1920-22 - Rev Susan Height - Letter E (missing from CENTRE)



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