Christ’s Chapel

Start your visit at the junction of Burbage Road and Half Moon Lane.  Walk south down Burbage Road and under the railway viaduct you will see a full-size mural celebrating the life of Richard Burbage. Richard Burbage is widely considered to be one of England’s greatest actors, a great friend of Shakespeare and one of the founders of the Globe Theatre. Opposite is another mural, painted by the same artist, Lionel Stanhope, which celebrates Dulwich’s rich sporting history

Continuing down Burbage Road you will pass the Herne Hill Velodrome - you should be able to take a look inside and see the site of the 1948 London Olympics.  Continue south on Burbage Road and you will shortly arrive in the centre of Dulwich Village.

On the west side of the roundabout, you can walk through the small, but tranquil gardens of Christ's Chapel. At the entrance to the gardens, you will find a solar powered listening post. Press a button on the post and an actor playing Edward Alleyn talks about his life and how he came to buy the manor of Dulwich and set up his charitable foundation.

Make your way a short distance down College Road for a visit to the Dulwich Picture Gallery, which is an absolute must. You could easily while away the rest of your time here, not only enjoying the Gallery, but also its gardens and stopping for a drink and snack at the café…

…but resist spending too long and instead cross over to Dulwich Park and enjoy a walk round the perimeter of the park, a distance of exactly one mile….

…after exiting the park walk turn right into College Road through the Village. Before turning right up Calton Avenue just by the ancient burial ground, take a moment to explore the shops and café’s just past the junction with Carlton Avenue. After heading up Carlton Avenue take a right turn into Townley Road which leads to Lordship Lane and the heart of the district of East Dulwich.

Follow Lordship Lane northwards and you will soon come across one of the largest selections of independent retailers, pubs, cafes and restaurants to be found in London.  As you walk down Lordship Lane there are numerous artworks to be seen as part of the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery.