Goose Green school green screen
Goose Green School in East Dulwich unveils its anti pollution green screen

The Dulwich Society’s aim is to maintain and foster the amenities of Dulwich in the interests of its residents and the wider community of which Dulwich is part, and to increase awareness of the varied character that makes the area so special. Section 2 of the Society’s constitution (PDF) sets out its objectives in full.

Our financial resources currently allow us to consider small grants to projects that meet these objectives.

Grants have been made in recent years for a wide range of projects, including the removal of cherry laurel and tree labelling in Dulwich Park (both in association with Dulwich Park Friends), support for London Wildlife Trust’s Great North Wood project and renovating paths in Sydenham Hill Wood following lockdown damage, digitising the historic court rolls and estate maps held in the Dulwich College archives, providing conference fees for the local Safer Routes to Schools initiative, an interactive white board for St Barnabas Parish Hall, a green anti-pollution screen at Goose Green Primary School and funding the poetry event at the Dulwich Festival.

Additionally, funds for permanent physical improvements may be available from Southwark Council under its Cleaner Greener Safer initiative, which funds many local projects.

Whilst the Society’s own funds are limited, we welcome applications for suitable projects. We particularly welcome projects for which funding is unlikely to be available elsewhere, projects where we are match funding or seed funding, and projects that do not require ongoing support from the Society. Applications will be considered by the Society’s Executive Committee. There is no formal application form but the Society requires formal reporting back to it on the projects that it has funded.

Applications should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.