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The Group’s main aim is to promote and encourage individual research into Dulwich's fascinating past. Members write regularly for the Society’s Journal while others give talks and run local walks. In the Spring the Group promoted three lectures on the Dulwich Estate’s history - from 1850 to 2000 and has run several walks, both for the Dulwich Festival and the Friends of the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Titles included ‘Wates in the Woods’ South of Dulwich Common’ and ‘Hidden Herne Hill’.

As part of the Society’s fiftieth anniversary, the Group will be putting up 12 plaques around Dulwich to commemorate multiple deaths of civilians in air-raids during World World II. The Society felt that a physical record should be installed as a reminder of the horrors of war while there are still residents, and relatives and friends of those killed, who remember that period.

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