Dulwich blue plaques

A blue plaque is a historical marker installed in a public place to commemorate a link between that place and a famous person, event, or building. They can be part of the official scheme administered by English Heritage or organisations like Southwark Council. Dulwich has blue plaques commemorating one building and the people listed below, many of whom are detailed in our 'Who Was Who in Dulwich'. A Google map shows the locations of the blue plaques in Dulwich.

Helene Aldwinckle (1920-2020)
76 Farquhar Road, SE19 1LT
Bletchley Park codebreaker, broadcaster & gallerist

John Logie Baird (1888-1946)
3 Crescent Wood Road, SE26 6RT
Inventor, electrical engineer, and television pioneer

Annie Besant (1847–1933)
39 Colby Road, SE19 1HA
Social reformer, writer and philanthropist

Enid Blyton (1897-1968)
354 Lordship Lane, SE22 8LZ
Popular writer of over 600 books for children

Munya Chawawa (1993-)
517-533 Lordship Lane, SE22 8LA
British-Zimbabwean comedian and satirist

Richard Church (1893-1972)
2 Warmington Road, SE24 9LA
Writer and poet

Henry Cotton (1907-1987)
47 Crystal Palace Road, SE22 9EX
Champion golfer

Gerald Durrell (1925-1995)
43 Alleyn Park, SE21 8AT
Naturalist, writer and conservationist

Grafton Ballroom (built 1910)
7 Village Way, SE21 7AW
Centre of internationally recognised dance excellence

CS Forester (1899-1966) aka Cecil Louis Troughton Smith
58 Underhill Road, SE22 0QT
Novelist known for tales of naval warfare

Leslie Howard (1893-1943)
45 Farquhar Road, SE19 1SS
Actor and film director

John Lawson Johnstone (1839-1900)
Kingswood House, Seeley Drive, SE21 8QR
Entrepreneur and the inventor of Bovril

Edgar Kail (1900-1976)
Edgar Kail Way, SE22 8BD
Last amateur footballer from a non-league club to play for England

Boris Karloff (1887–1969) aka William Henry Pratt 
36 Forest Hill Road, SE22 0RR

Sam King (1926-2016)
2 Warmington Road, SE24 9LA
Southwark mayor and Windrush generation

Ida Lupino (1918–1995)
33 Ardbeg Road, SE22 9JL
Actress and film director 

Stanley Lupino (1893–1942)
33 Ardbeg Road, SE22 9JL
Actor and comedian 

Scipio Africanus ‘Sam’ Mussabini (1867-1927)
84 Burbage Road, SE24 9HE
Athletics coach

Percy Lane Oliver (1878-1944)
5 Colyton Road, SE22 0NE
Founder of the first voluntary blood donor service

Phyllis Pearsall (1906-1996)
3 Court Lane Gardens, SE21 7DZ
Inventor of the London A to Z

Sax Rohmer (1883–1959) aka Arthur Henry Ward
51 Herne Hill, SE24 9NE
Writer and creator of Dr Fu Manchu

Bon Scott (1946-1980)
67 Overhill Road, SE22 0PQ
Singer songwriter

Anne Shelton (1923-1994)
142 Court Lane, SE21 7EB
Popular singer and World War Two ‘Forces’ Favourite’

Sir Francis Pettit Smith (1808-1874)
Fountain House, 17 Sydenham Hill, SE26 6SH
Inventor and pioneer of the screw propeller