1823 map of Dulwich

Our online Local History talks started in January 2021 and are a huge success. They reach a growing number of members, other Dulwich residents and even people further afield as we have had online attendees from Europe and the US. Feedback on the talks is always excellent and over 1,500 tickets have been sold, meaning that something like 3,000 people have attended, as many ticket holders watch with someone else. And this doesn’t include the people who watch the recordings on YouTube afterwards, who number over 1,000 so far.

The talks have raised over £6,000 for local charities including £1,700 for St Christopher’s Hospice, £1,100 for King’s College Hospital charities and £2,200 for Bell House educational projects. The talks also contribute to fulfilling the Dulwich Society's charitable objective of increasing awareness of what makes Dulwich special.

The talks are researched and presented by members of the local history group and are run in conjunction with Bell House, who provide the online platform and sell the tickets for us via Eventbrite. The speakers, Ian McInnes, Brian Green, Duncan Bowie and Gavin Bowyer, all give their time for free, so the only costs are from the Eventbrite ticketing platform. Thank you to everyone who has bought tickets.

Look out for future talks which we publicise in our eNewsletter (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you don’t receive this) and on social media. Bell House also has a page on its website.