The Society has requested a further meeting with Darren Merrill, the cabinet member in charge of the project to clarify some local concerns over the public consultation. Sustrans have begun consulting on the proposed Quietway along Calton Avenue and Turney Road and some local stakeholders had informal meetings with them last week. The 'pop up' events also start this week and are at:

  • Tuesday 14 July at North Dulwich Station (6:00-7:30pm)
  • Wednesday 15 July at the Dulwich Village Shops (6:00-7:30pm)
  • Saturday 18 July at the Turney Road/Burbage Road junction (9:00-10:30am)
  • Thursday 23 July at the Calton Avenue/Townley Road junction (6:00-7:30pm)

There is concern that a large number of affected residents are away and therefore these events will not receive a representative response. There are also traffic surveys underway (there have been cameras and black cable sensors in Calton Avenue, at the Village junction and in Turney Road). This will give unrepresentative information on the actual levels of traffic in term time.

Residents in the affected roads are also surprised that the Council or Sustrans have not written to or, at the least, leafleted every householder - and the flyers/posters that we have seen so far do not really give the full implications of what is proposed. It is essential that there is a proper explanation of the overall plans for Quietways and the context within which the Sustrans engagement is happening. The flyers seem to imply minor street improvements rather than a discussion about fundamental changes. The Quietways will have a major impact on Dulwich, and they should be presented as such.

Questions have also been asked about the legal context of the selection of roads for the Quietways - why have these roads been chosen when they are clearly not 'quiet' and what are TfL's and the Council's powers to implement the scheme if the majority of local residents are against the final proposals? If there is a 'no' vote will the scheme be abandoned or will it be forced through?

The Council's website has now re-introduced the interactive map. This was criticised previously as discriminating against those residents who were not on line and encouraging groups who had a particular bias to promote their views unfairly. There is also some confusion over the latest version of the Cycling Strategy published on line. The map isn’t fully comprehensive and some of the features such as the Spine aren’t shown.   Furthermore the detailed map of the Spine further on in the Appendix (page 33) seems to show a separate Cycling Superhighway going down Lordship Lane.  This has not been mentioned previously.

It also appears that the final approved strategy document is substantially different to the cycling strategy document that was put out for first consultation in December - February 2015.  The original document was taken off the web site after the consultation process was complete and the new version has only gone on recently. It seems that the absolute final version was put out for consultation/review - for example it includes a section on the outcome of the first consultation process which was not published previously (Appendix D), and a delivery plan. This document should have been circulated for re-consultation before being approved.

The map on p22 still shows a cycling route through Dulwich Park – even though councillors are on record as saying there will be no defined cycle routes through it. Currently there is nothing to prevent cyclists using the park to go from College Road to Court Lane, why is a Quietway designation needed at all? 

The Council’s proposed implementation strategy is as follows:

15/16 implementation

  • Crystal Palace Parade/Sydenham Hill/Fountain Drive
  • Townley Road/East Dulwich junction (under way now)
  • Elephant & Castle to Crystal Palace Quietway – going down Calton and Turney.
  • North Cross Road/Lordship Lane
  • Gallery Road zebra (underway)
  • North Dulwich and Denmark Hill parking zone (consultation complete)

16/17 or 17/18 implementation

  • Southwark Spine (as far as the Dulwich Library (Crystal Palace Road/Landells Road)
  • Peckham Rye to Brockwell Park Quietway (Burbage Road/Dulwich Park/Eynella Road/Friern Road)
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