The first workshop was held at the Southwark Community Sports Trust Ground in Turney Road on 23rd September. Over 40 local residents attended plus several councillors.

A short introduction covered the background to the consultation, a definition of Quietways and the workshop papers and format. There was a short film of a cyclist travelling the proposed route followed by a briefing on how the workshop would be structured. Several questions raised the problem of the coaches in Calton Avenue and Sutrans confirmed that they had been in discussion with the foundation schools and Tfl about alternative routes. 

Several tables were laid out with large scale maps of the roads involved and participants were invited to review the current situation on these roads and suggest possible amendments/improvements which would facilitate safer cycling. Each person had a set of the plans on which they could mark up comments,and these were returned at the end of the meeting for Sustrans to evaluate. They would inform the initial solutions that would be presented at the meeting on 3rd October.

There were also several tables showing TfL’s four current options for the redesign of the Dulwich Village, Calton Avenue, Court Lane junction. All of these showed a reduction in the number of car lanes and two of them assumed that only one way traffic (up or down) would be allowed in Court Lane. The possible consequences for adjoining roads were not addressed although there were suggestions that making Woodwarde Road and Court Lane one way might be one solution.

There was general concern over the volume of information that had to be absorbed in a very short time frame and on the implicit assumption that the Quietways were going to happen and that the discussion was just about implementation and not principle.

There will be a further workshop on Saturday 26th October.

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