Dear Andy

Townley Road Junction:

There has been a variety of correspondence on the matter of the outstanding safety concerns at the Townley Road junction since its redevelopment.  The current situation has been discussed in some detail at recent Dulwich Society Transport Committee meetings and the Society is now looking to Councillors to take action on behalf of the local community to remedy the ongoing safety issues.

We are aware of the communications between individual Councillors, Southwark and TfL since the junction re-opened in September but, so far, this has not resulted in a commitment from TfL and Southwark over a clear timetable for the work to be completed. These issues continue to be observed by users of the junction and are specified in Southwark's own Safety Audit reports.


  1. There is an apparent random functioning of the traffic light filter controlling vehicles turning right from East Dulwich Grove into Townley Road. This leads to vehicles being stranded in the middle of the junction when the lights turn red and has led to potential conflicts with vehicles and cyclists. This danger was highlighted in the Interim Stage 3 road safety Audit; problem 3.6, page 15. This dangerous situation has already been allowed to continue for almost 3 months. See monitoring observations in December under point 1 below.
  2. Matt Hill of Southwark Council stated in October that "the UTC/Scoot signalling system will be commissioned on 3 November.  We will be following up with TfL this week about implementation of ‘early release’ phasing for cyclists". There has been no update from Officers, Councillors or at the last DCC on the status and/or success of this commissioning. See more detail at point 2 below.
  3. There is a known conflict of large vehicles, such as coaches, turning left at Townley where they penetrate the Advanced Cycle Lane on the east bound side of East Dulwich Grove.  This is predicted and reported in the series of the Safety Audit Reports and there is no clarity on when this will be remedied.
  4. The exposure of cyclists heading south from Greendale to Townley Road remains due to lack of clear signage. A collision of a young cyclist with a car has been reported to Southwark previously.

Given the time elapsed and the safety issues that remain, we ask our Councillors to take appropriate action to ensure that TfL and Southwark remedy the situation with urgently.

Yours sincerely

Ian McInnes
Chair Dulwich Society

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