At the Dulwich Community Council meeting on 28 September, the chair read out a statement from Ian Wingfield. It said that “The cabinet member requested officers, following feedback at the last community council meeting, to reconsider various aspects of the design and related issues.  In particular officers were asked to conclude the Foundation Schools Coach service study (working in partnership with the Foundation schools) and this work has now been completed and an action plan around the high priority issues has been developed.  It is expected that this will lead to significant improvements in the impact of the service on the local community, including the removal of 10 of 11 coaches from Calton Avenue each morning and significantly less coach congestion on Townley Road in the afternoon

He has also secured a commitment from TfL to attend a stakeholder meeting in Dulwich in the coming weeks, and if the Quietway proposals are to proceed, the cabinet member is committed to continued working with TfL and the community on a holistic study of traffic issues in the Dulwich area over the next year.”

The School Coach Study report, jointly funded by the Foundation Schools and Southwark Council, was published on 12 September. It is available on Southwark’s website.

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