The candidates are:

Dulwich Hill (2 seats):
Conservatives: Edith Okparaocha & Rachel Wolf
Labour: Maggie Browning & Jon Hartley
Liberal Democrats: Michael Bukola, Jonathan Mitchell
Green Party: Myrtle Bruce-Mitford & Jamie Vincent
Dulwich Village (2 seats):
Conservatives: Jane Lyons & Michael Mitchell
Labour: Richard Leeming & Margy Newens
Liberal Democrats: Brigid Gardner & Ruth Gripper
Green Party:  Gulnar Hasnain & Bill Chidley
Dulwich Wood (2 seats):
Conservatives: John Cope & Lindsay Chathli
Labour: Catherine Rose & Andy Simmons
Liberal Democrats: Steven Gauge & Andrew Mackay
Green Party: Chris Glenn & Dale Rapley
Goose Green (3 seats):
Conservatives: David Bradbury, Alan Broomhead & Michael Poole-Wilson
Labour: Charlie Smith, Victoria Olisa & James McAsh
Liberal Democrats: James Barber, Claire Donachie & Michael Green
Green Party: Alexander Howard & Michael Millar
Women’s Equality Party: Claire Empson

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