Southwark Council will be holding a public exhibition on their proposals to expand the existing Hamlet 20mph zone into Dulwich Village. It will be held in St Barnabas Parish Hall on Thursday 9th December.The exhibition opens at 2:30pm and it will be followed by a public meeting from 7:00-9:00pm.

Most households in the area who will be directly affected should have received a consultation document and questionnaire from the Council and this has to be returned by 15th December.

The proposals include:

  • Alterations to the junctions at Calton Avenue and Towley Road, Calton Avenue and Court Lane, Court Lane and Eynella Road and Court Lane and Lordship Lane
  • Traffic calming and cycle improvments in Dulwich Village including raising the two existing zebra crossings, the provision of a new non-raised crossing at the roundabout at the Burbage Road/Gallery Road junction, and four sets of speed cushions running north between the roundabout and the Turney Road junction.
  • In Gallery Road there will be a raised zebra crossing and a series of speed humps and on College Road there will be a similar crossing and speed cushions.
  • There will be speed humps installed in Pickwick Road, Aysgarth Road, Boxall Road, Dekker Road, Desanfans Road, Druce Road, Dovercourt Road and Eastlands Crescent.

It is essential that as many residents as possible respond to the questionnaire even if they cannot attend the meeting. Southwark needs to be made fully aware of residents' views.