Queries raised by The Dulwich Society

The Dulwich Society has raised the following matters which fall within the context of the Scheme of Management; these are followed by the Managers’ responses:

a) Public access to the Scheme of Management Meeting applications and decisions

At the last meeting the Estate agreed to give serious consideration to putting the monthly schedule of planning applications, and the summary reports on the Trustees’ decisions, on its website. The Society chairman met the Chief Executive to discuss the matter further in January and came away optimistic that something would be done. When will this information be on the Estate’s website?

The Estate is to add to the website details of all applications received by the Scheme of Management and their status. The changes have been discussed with the Estate’s website provider and it is hoped that these will be implemented shortly.

b) Unigate Dairy Site

At the last meeting the Estate advised us that an architect had been briefed to develop a revised scheme. What progress has been made and when can the Society expect to be consulted on any proposals? What further progress has there been on coming up with a scheme for finding temporary occupiers for some of the buildings until new work can start?

Architects have produced alternative schemes for the site and these are being discussed with planning consultants. The Estate is not pursuing a policy of letting the units in the short term as it wishes to keep vacant possession of the whole site.

c) Flower stall outside the dairy site

This query has been raised previously and the Estate promised to regularise the situation but nothing appears to have been done. A business that started as one man selling some flowers by hand in the doorway has grown to a large stall with a canopy and lights operated by a generator situated on the pavement - plus two staff and it apparently operates all Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Has the Estate granted the stall holder a licence to trade there or if it has not, what steps are being taken to remove him?

The Estate has granted a Licence to the trader for the sale of flowers on the forecourt area. However, following complaints received from Lambeth Council, it has written to the trader about the use of a generator and encroachment on to the public footpath.

d) S G Smith

What steps is the Estate taking to require S G Smith to implement the agreed scheme and when does the Estate expect work to start on site?

The Licence for the planned alteration and improvement works is likely to be completed soon but the Estate does not yet have a timetable for the works to be carried out.

e) Marlborough Cricket Club – fence

The Society is grateful for the Estate’s assistance on this project. Work on the new fence is now complete.

The Estate is pleased with the improvement which was achieved with the co-operation of its tenant, the Council and The Dulwich Society.

f) Low Cross Wood Lane – gate

Please will the Estate up date us on the current position over the proposed installation of the wooden gate at the entrance of Great Brownings from Low Cross Wood Lane.

The Council wished to proceed with the works without providing the Estate with plans of the scheme. The Estate is awaiting this information from Southwark in order that it can formally licence the works to replace the existing wooden gate and fence with a galvanised metal fence and gate.

g) Low Cross Wood Lane – lights

A recent pamphlet from the Conservatives confirms that additional lighting is to be provided at each end of the road. Is the Estate aware of this?

The Conservative representative on the Council has confirmed to Mr Major that the lighting is to be improved in this area.

h) Low Cross Wood Lane - trees

Has the Estate carried out any remedial work on the dangerous trees in Low Cross Wood Lane noted at the last meeting?

The Estate is unaware that any of the trees in this area are considered to present a danger. However, the Estate’s tree consultant has inspected the trees and reported on those which obscure the lighting in the area and instructions have been given to carry out the works to deal with this.

i) Low Cross Wood Lane - graffiti

At the last meeting the Estate stated that removal of graffiti on the fences along Low Cross Wood lane was the responsibility of the owners of the fences. What steps has the Estate taken to make the owners carry out their responsibilities?

The Administrator is writing again to the freeholders, reminding them of their responsibility for the removal of graffiti from their fencing.

j) ‘Lovers Walk’

Since the Estate appears unwilling to install signs at each end of lovers walk, the Society has put in a CGS bid to fund the work.

Grove Walk is private land in the freehold ownership of The Dulwich Estate and any signage will only be installed if the Estate consents to this.

k) Zelkova

The Society has noted that the Estate has appealed following Southwark Council’s rejection of its application to remove the TPO. When is the decision expected?

The Estate has been given no indication of the timeframe for the appeal nor has it been advised of the appointment of an inspector to view the tree.

l) South Bank University Sports Ground

The steel fence has still not been painted. Please confirm what further steps the Estate has taken to pressure SBU to do what they promised.

As previously advised (at the meeting of the Committee on 17 November), the University has agreed to paint the fencing in the spring.

m) Dulwich Pond

The Society has received a copy of Lloyd Turner’s report from the Estate. How does the Estate intend to respond and take the matter forward?

Lloyd Turner is drawing up detailed proposals, but these cannot be finalised until the results of additional water/silt testing are received (expected within approximately seven days).

n) Private Roads

What remedial road works does the Estate propose to carry out in 2010?

Works proposed to roads which are Amenity Areas under the Scheme of Management:

College Road – footpath and surface water drainage repairs;

Hunts Slip Road – commencement of kerb repairs and resurfacing;

Grange Lane – partial resurfacing, surface water drainage repairs and provision of kerbs (in conjunction with traffic calming paid for by the Estate).

o) Standy-by Generator in College Road

Has the Estate been told by EDF when the temporary “generator” will move from the garden area on College Road/ South Circular?

The contractor informed the Estate that building works should finish in the next five weeks and that commissioning by EDF should then take another two weeks (weather permitting). The "generator" will then be removed.

p) Lyndenhurst Wall

Following the setting of a court date, the site owner has now started work on rebuilding the wall. Please will the Estate confirm that no licence is required and that it is not involved in any way.

The Managers have not been advised of any proposed changes: the wall is to be rebuilt and thus a ‘like for like’ structure does not required consent under the Scheme of Management.

q) Gainsborough Court

This block is still very poorly maintained. What enforcement action has the Estate taken to make sure the owners comply with the Scheme of Management?

The Administrator has just received confirmation that the Freeholder is currently obtaining quotes for works to improve the external appearance of the property and expects these to be completed by the summer.

r) Belair Cottage

Has the Estate taken any further enforcement action been taken on the owner of Belair Cottage regarding his fence/boundary wall?

The rear boundary fence has been fixed as requested. A further letter is to be sent to the owners requesting that the building materials are moved away from the boundary fence on College Road and the removal of the ripped tarpaulin from the boundary. Should the owners fail to improve the appearance of this boundary then Managers will consider issuing a breach notice.

s) Baird Gardens’ fencing

Parts of the fence along Dulwich Wood Park are in very poor condition. At the last meeting the Estate confirmed that they would look into it. What progress has been made?

The Estate has inspected the fence and the damaged section is the responsibility of a leaseholder. The Estate has written to the leaseholder requesting that repairs are carried out.

t) Beechwood Court fencing

The boundary fence along the upper part of College Road is in a very bad condition. What is the Estate doing regarding having it replaced?

The Estate will inspect and investigate who has liability for this boundary (only part of the property is held freehold).

u) Catholic Church Hall fencing

The fence along Dulwich Wood Park is in a very bad condition. What is the Estate doing regarding having it replaced?

This fence is the responsibility of the Church. The Estate has inspected and has written to the Church.

v) Hogarth Court fencing

Parts of the fence along Fountain Drive are in very poor condition. At the last meeting the Estate confirmed that they would look into it. What progress has been made?

The Estate has inspected the posts and chains to the front boundary of Hogarth Court along Fountain Drive and no repairs are needed.

w) Service Area to Half Moon Lane Shops

Please can we have an update on the current position and when the Estate think that works will start on site?

The Estate hopes to receive planning consent on 18 March and will instruct contractors as soon as the funding arrangements have been agreed with Southwark.

x) Great Brownings

Please will the Estate detail the regular inspection regime (mentioned at the last meeting) for trees in the woods surrounding this development? What progress has been made on eradicating the Japanese Knotweed in these woods?

Various areas of the Woods have been inspected. Where Japanese Knotweed is found this has been treated and the results will be monitored in the coming weeks.