Minutes of the meeting of the Advisory Committee held at the Old Grammar School, Burbage Road on Tuesday 15 June 2010

Present: Mrs Rankine (Acting Chairman)
Mr Bagley
Mr Bazalgette
Mrs Onslow
Mrs Badman (The Dulwich Society)
Mr Green (The Dulwich Society)
Mr Johnson (The Dulwich Society)
Mr David Lloyd Roberts (The Dulwich Society)

In attendance: Mr Major (Chief Executive); Ms Bilbie (Finance Manager); Mr Hoare (Principal Building Surveyor); Mr Chater (Senior Management Surveyor) and Mrs Tuckwell (Scheme of Management Administrator)

Mrs Rankine opened the meeting by welcoming Mrs Tuckwell (who was providing maternity cover in the absence of Nina Rees),

Mrs Badman and Mr Green.

1. Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Mrs Brownbill, Dr Evans, Mr Hogarth and Mr McInnes.

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 16 March 2010

The minutes of the last meeting, which had been circulated previously, were APPROVED by the Committee as an accurate record to be signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters arising

There were no matters arising.

4. The Scheme of Management Charge 2009/2010 – Draft Annual Accounts

Ms Bilbie introduced the report circulated with the agenda.

In response to a question, Mr Hoare confirmed that the gardening contract (shown in the Accounts under ‘Amenity Expenditure’) included works to the Old Burial Ground and to the Millpond. Mrs Badman enquired whether the scope of works was comparable from year to year and Mr Hoare explained that whilst the overall objective was to keep the total expenditure on the Amenity Areas roughly in line year to year, there were fluctuations in
the make up of this, for example, there was a cyclical repairs programme for items such as posts and chains.

In comparing Basic Expenditure for 2010 with that for 2009, it was noticed that Licence Fee income had fallen but Architect’s costs had risen. Mr Major explained that in 2009 there had been some substantial one-off licence fees for new build projects which had not been repeated in 2010. Also the Consultant Architect's time was often spent on relatively minor proposals, such as applications for satellite dishes, which could be time consuming and the cost of which was not fully reflected in the licence fee.

The Committee NOTED the report.

5. The Scheme of Management Charge 2009/2010 & 2010/2011

Ms Bilbie introduced the report circulated with the agenda, which the Committee NOTED.

6. Matters raised by The Dulwich Society

The Committee RECEIVED and NOTED the report circulated with the agenda, with discussion in particular on the following:

Estate's protocol for responding to queries and complaints

Mrs Badman asked if the Estate could send an email acknowledgement, pending full response to correspondence. Mr Major explained that the Estate still received a large volume of post where the correspondent often did not provide an email address.

Unkempt Gardens

Mr Green raised the issue of a house in Baird Gardens where the garden was quite overgrown. Mr Hoare replied that this related to a leasehold property (and as such, was not subject to the Scheme of Management) but the Estate had written to the lessee.


In response to a further query, Mr Major replied that it was difficult to give a deadline for the removal of the tree since this depended on the response from Southwark Council to the Estate's application to have the new TPO lifted. Mr Green requested that when the tree is felled, that some of the wood could be retained for distribution to all local schools, as The Dulwich Society was keen to sponsor a project where each school would be invited to make something out of the timber. He confirmed The Dulwich Society would be willing to pay for the transportation costs in delivering the timber to
each school.

Dulwich Woods

Mr Green noted that London Wildlife Trust had fenced off part of its section of the
Woods which he considered detracted from the open aspect of the woods. Mr Hoare agreed to raise this with London Wildlife Trust.

London South Bank University Sports Ground

Mr Chater reported that the University had now been in touch with the Estate regarding the preferred shade of green, thus it was expected that the repainting would take place shortly.

Mrs Badman advised that she had received correspondence from the University stating that it was considering its future occupation of the sports grounds and she offered to provide Mr Major with a copy of this.

The representatives of The Dulwich Society also indicated that there was a rumour circulating that Kings College may wish to relinquish its lease of the Griffin Sports Ground. Mr Major responded that the Estate had received no such indication from its tenant.

Norwood Road

Mr Green advised that many residents had expressed concern over the 'night time economy' operating in the area and the nuisance this caused to residents. Mr Major replied that whilst the Estate was the freeholder of the commercial units facing Brockwell Park, the occupants had leases from the head lessees and he was unaware of any premises where the user clauses under the lease had been breached. Since there were no houses within the vicinity of these commercial units he expressed surprise that the late trading hours at of some of the premises was resulting in a nuisance to residents.

In response, Mr Green stated that customers using the bars and restaurant were parking in Winterbrook Road and Stradella Road and there was concern over disorderly conduct by some of the users of the facilities.

Herne Hill Cycle Track

With regard to the Open Day held on 6 June, Mrs Badman reported that this had been well attended and the details of those who expressed an interest in the cycling had been recorded.

S G Smith

The representatives of The Dulwich Society reported that parking on the street adjacent to the premises continued to be an issue, due to the number of cars parked by staff or customers using the car dealership. Mr Major reported that as a condition of closing the petrol station, the area must only be used for the parking of customers’ cars awaiting servicing – the tenant is not permitted to park vehicles for sale on the land. The Committee agreed that there was probably nothing to be done which could prevent
cars with valid road tax disc from being parked on the public highway. However, Mr Chater agreed to speak to Mr Smith regarding this issue.

Grange Lane

In addition to the report circulated with the agenda, Mr Hoare stated that the works undertaken in Grange Lane had not reduced the width of the roadway and the Estate wished to monitor the effectiveness of the traffic calming measures before considering the proposal for double yellow lines.

7. Any other business

Crown & Greyhound

Mrs Badman commented on the Estate's proposals (reported in The Dulwich Society's Journal – the Summer Edition) to provide accommodation in the upper parts of the Crown & Greyhound Public House. She hoped that this would not result in the loss of the function rooms, which were an asset to the community. Mr Major responded that the Estate's proposal was to retain the public house whilst making better use of the upper floors which
were in a somewhat dilapidated condition; the scheme was likely to include a function room.

8. Date of next meeting
The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 9 November 2010.