The 55th Annual General Meeting of The Dulwich Society will be held at 8pm on Monday 30th April 2018 at the First Floor Suite, Crown and Greyhound, Dulwich Village, SE21 7BJ
1. Introduction and welcome by President.
2. Minutes of the 54th Annual General Meeting held on 24th April 2017 to be approved.
3. Chairman’s Report.
4. Reports from the Officers and Sub-Committee Chairs.
5. Treasurer’s Report and presentation of accounts for the year ended 31st December 2017.
6. Appointment of Honorary Auditor. Nominee: Sally-Anne Jeffries, Chartered Accountant.
7. Elections for 2018-2019. Officers, Members of the Executive Committee, Honorary Officers.

The following nominations have been received:
(a) Officers: Proposed by: Seconded by:
Chairman: Ian McInnes David Beamish Paul Butler
Vice-Chairman: Kenneth Wolfe Gillian Wolfe Sue Badman
Hon. Secretary: Sue Badman Jeremy Prescott Sigrid Collins
Hon. Treasurer: Russell Lloyd Ian McInnes Sue Badman
Membership Secretary: Diana McInnes Russell Lloyd David Beamish

(b) Members of Executive Committee (and Chairs of Sub-Committees where indicated)
Proposed by: Seconded by:
Editor of the Journal Brian Green Bill Higman Janet HIgman
Traffic & Transport Alastair Hanton Barry Coker Pamela Monblat
Planning & Architecture David Roberts Jean Howell Chris Vernon
Gardens Jeremy Prescott Andrew Rutherford Oliver Gillie
Local History Bernard Nurse Patricia Reynolds Robert Holden
Trees David Beamish Brian Green Paul Millington
Licensing Patsy Bramble Sue Badman Ian McInnes
Wildlife Angela Wilkes Sigrid Collins William Bailey
Executive Ctte Member Adrian Hill David Coughtrie Jenny Thomas

Officers and Members of the Executive Committee are Trustees of the Dulwich Society.
(c) Honorary Officers:
President: Dr Colin Niven OBE
Vice-Presidents: Dr Gary Savage
Dr Joseph Spence

8. Any Other Business.
9. Close of AGM Business
After the AGM, Edwin Malins from the London Wildlife Trust will talk about the Great North Wood project & refreshments will be served.

Executive Committee - Declarations of Interest as at 30 April 2018
Ian McInnes – Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery (Chairman), Dulwich Village and Dulwich Wood Ward (new names post May 2018) Safer Neighbourhood Panels (Member).
Sue Badman - Dulwich Events Partnership (Member & DS rep), Safe Routes to School Group (Attendee). Conservative Party Candidate in the 2018 Borough Elections – Newington Ward, Southwark (until 4 May 2018).
Diana McInnes – Dulwich and District U3A Executive Committee (Member).
David Beamish – Parish of St Barnabas, Dulwich (PCC Member), Dulwich Deanery Synod (Hon. Secretary), Southwark Diocesan Synod (Member), Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery (Volunteer)
Alastair Hanton - Southwark Living Streets (Member), Dulwich and West Norwood Climate Change Coalition (Member), Son Angus Hanton is a Trustee of Bell House.
Adrian Hill – Camberwell & District Allotment Society, Stradella and Springfield Residents’ Association (Immediate Past President and current committee member), Friends of Crystal Palace Subway (DS rep), Abbeyfield Dulwich Society Ltd (Trustee and Executive Committee Member).