held on Thursday 26th April 2012 at The Crown & Greyhound, SE21

President (Chairman): Dr Colin Niven OBE.
Vice-Presidents: HH Michael Goodman, Peter Lawson, HH Michael Rich QC;
40 members.

Vice-Presidents: Marion Gibbs, Dr G.Savage, Dr Joseph Spence;
Brian Green
Jill Manuel.

The minutes of the 48th AGM (previously available on the Society’s website and at the meeting) held on 23rd May 2011 were approved. There were no matters arising.

These had been posted on the website and were also available at the meeting. The following summary highlighted the points made by the Sub-committee Chairs.

Plans are being made to celebrate next year the Society’s 50th Anniversary. We continue to inspect all applications to the Dulwich Estate under the Scheme of Management, and relevant ones to the local Councils. The Advisory Committee, comprising representatives of the Dulwich Estate and this Society meets 3 times a year. The Estate has agreed to us placing name plates ‘Lovers Walk’ on the path between College & Gallery Roads. As previously agreed we have made a £5000 grant to the Velodrome to assist in its renaissance, and are pleased to note its increased use and the resurfacing of the track.

We were able to secure funds from Southwark to refurbish part of Rosebery Lodge in Dulwich Park to allow the Dulwich Vegetable Garden Group to cultivate the garden; also funds to renovate the road fingerposts. We funded the Dulwich Park Friends’ improvement works to the rivulet by the lake in Dulwich Park, and joined them in objecting to the Council’s plans for what, we considered, an unsuitable event to be held in the Park; the funds for this will be available for other events following consultation. The Journal continues its high standard under the editorship of Brian Green and now includes coloured photographs. He and all executive and subcommittee members and active volunteers, such as those that deliver the Journal, and allow the Society to flourish and are heartily thanked.

SECRETARY’S REPORT (Patrick Spencer)
The Executive Committee met 6 times in the year. We unfortunately were asked to remove the Post Office cart and have yet to find a secure place to display it. In view of metal thefts we are considering further security measures for the Edward Alleyn statue. We wish to encourage members to let us have their e-mail address to facilitate passing on information; we commend our web-site which is regularly updated.

The Society has 1082 ordinary and 5 corporate Members. Charity Gift Aid amounted to £2556-38 and we would encourage those members who have not signed declaration forms to do so.

We commented on just over 200 Scheme of Management licence applications in the year. For a considerable time we have pressed for renovation of the Concrete House (549 Lordship Lane) and it now appears likely that work will start next year. Following a detailed report on the Mill Pond (College Road) the Estate propose to clean out and improve it next year. We hope to see the renovation of the pavement boundary wall to St. Peter’s Church, Lordship Lane, and some of the funding has been arranged with this Society offering £3000. We have supported, in general terms, the Estate’s proposals to refurbish the Crown & Greyhound, retaining the bars and function room and forming a small hotel in the upper part

Road safety and improvements of facilities for walking and cycling continue to be a main focus. The percentage of children being taken to school by car has fallen this year which is encouraging. A long term project is to achieve a network of safe cycling routes. We keep a watching brief on the Velodrome improvements, and a 15 years lease has been granted to British Cycling and which has made a successful application to Southwark’s Olympic Legacy Fund. Work has been completed at the Herne Hill road junction with improvements also in Railton Road and a pedestrian refuge built in Half Moon Lane. Refuges have also been provided in Red Post Hill. Improvements we are pressing for include to the Paxton Green roundabout, easier access to the platforms of West Dulwich station, and a better entrance to Belair Park from the South Circular Road. Take up of membership of Car Clubs is disappointing and we will continue to publicize and encourage use.

History walks were arranged in association with the Dulwich Festival, Picture Gallery, and the Herne Hill Society. Brian Green gave a talk on Richard Randall, an 18th century organist at the Chapel.

Members have researched and published articles in our Journal including on the local Homeguard, and the development of various streets. We are working on the project in our Anniversary year to erect commemorative plaques to honour groups of civilians who died in the area during bombing raids in the Second World War.

Our annual publication “Dulwich Gardens open for Charity” was very well received and appears to have increased the number of visitors and consequently the sums raised for various charities. Events arranged were a talk on the work of the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association, and a visit to Plashley Manor and Scotney Castle.

TREE SUB-COMMITTEE REPORT (prepared by Jill Manuel)
We arranged a Tree Walk in Dulwich Park as part of the Dulwich Festival and about 60 attended. The Garden Manager of Buckingham Palace is a member and led a walk around that garden. The beech trees we had planted in the Horniman Triangle did not survive but are being replaced by Lewisham. The zelkova tree which had to be so drastically reduced in height has shown signs of re-growth. We attend tree visits by the Trustees of the Dulwich Estate and hope to have some influence on their decisions. The Journal generally includes an article on a local tree of interest; our Tree Map sells well and can be purchased locally.

The vegetation on the west side of Gallery Road has been much improved by volunteers arranged by the Society with help from London Wildlife Trust and part funded by the Society; the work included the planting of 250 small hedging plants. In Belair Park the lake was partially cleaned out made possible by a Southwark grant which the Society had requested. We work alongside the Friends of Belair Park, and similarly with Friends of Dulwich Park. Bird records are diligently maintained, and nesting boxes designed for swifts were placed in Dulwich Park.

Audited accounts for 2011 were circulated. The excess of income over expenditure in the year was £4452. Income (£18772) was approximately similar to that of the previous year, as was expenditure. The net bank account balances at the end of the year amounted to £27051. Some of this sum is earmarked for projects in our Anniversary Year (2013).

The accounts were approved by the meeting.

We are most grateful to Sally-Anne Jeffries for acting as our Honorary Auditor, and she was duly re-appointed.

ELECTIONS FOR 2012/13: The following, having been proposed and seconded, and were duly elected:
Officers: Chairman Ian McInnes
Vice-Chairman Kenneth Wolfe
Hon. Secretary Patrick Spencer
Hon. Treasurer Russell Lloyd
Membership Secretary Wilf Taylor

Executive Committee:
Brian Green Journal Editor
Alastair Hanton Traffic & Transport Sub-committee
David Roberts Planning & Architecture Group
Jill Manuel Trees Sub-committee
Angela Wilkes Wildlife Sub-committee
John Ward Garden Group
Bernard Nurse Local History Sub-committee
Sue Badman
Bill Higman
Adrian Hill

Honorary Officers:
President: Dr.Colin Niven O
Vice-Presidents: Ian Dejardin MA
Marion Gibbs BA Mlit
HH. Michael Goodman
Peter Lawson FRIBA, FRSA
HH Michael Rich QC
Dr. Gary Savage
Dr. Joseph Spence

The evening concluded with a power point presentation by Ian McInnes which included pictures of the Crown & Greyhound over the years (including when they were separate buildings), together with proposals for its future.