held on Tuesday 9th April 2013 at The Crown & Greyhound, Dulwich Village.

Present: approximately 70 members. Apologies: Marion Gibbs, David Roberts.

Introduction and welcome by the President (in the chair): Dr Colin Niven OBE

Minutes of the AGM held on 26th April 2012 were approved and signed. There were no matters arising.

Reports on the activities of the Sub-Committees in 2012 were previously available on the Society’s website. The main points were highlighted by the chairman or member of each committee:

Chairman (Ian McInnes): Various events and projects will mark the 50th anniversary of the Society during the current year (and had already started). We supported in principle the developments proposed by the Dulwich Estate for the Crown & Greyhound and the old dairy in Croxted Road. We have been active in consultations for flood prevention, and a replacement for the stolen Barbara Hepworth statue. So far we have been unsuccessful in persuading Southwark to allow us to use the unoccupied Rosebery Lodge in Dulwich Park. We continue to comment as we consider appropriate on applications to Southwark and the Estate for permission for building work, and press the Estate where we consider they are not fulfilling its obligations. Very useful are the meetings, held 3 times a year, of the Advisory Committee with the Estate representatives. In September we held a short ceremony to unveil name plaques in Lovers Walk. Held in high regard are our quarterly Journal, and the annual booklet listing local gardens open for charity, and particular thanks are due, respectively, to Brian Green and John Ward (the latter retiring from this work). My thanks go to all members of the committees and those that deliver the Journal, and further volunteers are needed.

Secretary (Patrick Spencer): The Executive Committee met 6 times during the year. In view of the theft of the Hepworth statue we are upgrading the security arrangements for the Edward Alleyn statue. At our instigation a Southwark Civic Association award was given to Stella Benwell who, for many years, has so actively served on the Trees sub-committee.

Membership (Wilf Taylor): We have 1082 members (or households) plus 6
Corporate members. Gift Aid amounted to £2045-67 and whilst some 80% of members participate in this we hope others will consider doing so. This is my last report as I will shortly be handing over to a successor.

Planning & Architecture (prepared by David Roberts): 190 applications under the Scheme of Management were commented on during the year.
The Report highlighted applications concerning 60 Dulwich Village, Crown & Greyhound, Dulwich College Science Block, 9 Fountain Drive, and the Dairy site in Croxted Road. Restoration of the Concrete House, 549 Lordship Lane, is in progress, as is work to the Mill Pond, College Road.

Traffic & Transport (Alastair Hanton): Velodrome - following the grant of a 15 years lease, lighting is being provided for the newly resurfaced track and a junior track is to be built both funded by the Southwark Olympic Legacy Fund. We are in discussion to improve the safety of the Paxton Green gyratory, and the provision of ramps to the platforms at West Dulwich Station. We continue to work with the Safe Routes to School Group. In Gallery Road we have proposed a zebra crossing near Lovers Walk, and a “Stop” sign at the north end of the road; we are hopeful that permitted traffic speed will be limited to 20 mph.

Local History (Bernard Nurse): 2 walks were arranged in conjunction with the Dulwich Festival. In November Nicholas Reed gave a talk on his father’s MI5 activities in the Second World War. Research has resulted in a number of articles concerning past residents and properties in the Journals during the year. We have also been busy in preparing projects for next year’s 50th Anniversary.

Gardens (John Ward): Activities included a talk by the head gardener at Horniman Museum Garden, and a visit to the Savill Garden in Windsor including a Thames boat trip. The ‘Dulwich Gardens open for Charity’ booklet listed over 40 gardens; 5000 copies were distributed, and substantial funds were raised as well as giving much pleasure to the visitors.

Trees (Jill Manuel): The Dulwich Festival Tree Walk arranged by the committee attracted over a 100 people. The autumn outing was to Audley End House and Garden. The tree map sells well, and a new edition is planned. Articles have been published in the Journal on particular interesting local trees. We have arranged the planting of Black Poplars in Long Meadow and helped in the planting of whips along Gallery Road. The Society has provided £800 for the planting and maintenance of 2 trees in Dulwich Park to mark the Queen’s Jubilee.

Wildlife: (Angela Wilkes): We have made the protection and enhancement of the natural habitats for wildlife our priority, and to this end ,in association with other groups, have created specific areas in Dulwich and Belair Parks for bumblebees and other wild bees and butterflies, and enhanced the reed beds in Dulwich Park.. We are concerned to note the dramatic drop in the number of bats, and we continue to focus in increasing natural habitats for them.

Accounts for 2012 were circulated and presented by the Hon.Treasurer, Russell Lloyd: Income was £17840 (2011:£18772) Expenditure £16452 (£13070 in 2011) – increase partially due to coloured printing in the Journal, and included tree and hedge planting of £1436. After provision of £1000 for Belair Lake planting, excess of income over expenditure amounted to £72
(£4452 in 2011). Accumulated funds at the end of the year were £24591).
The accounts were approved and thanks recorded to Russell, and to the Honorary Independent Examiner: Sally-Anne Jeffries.

Appointment of Independent Examiner of the accounts. Ms S.A.Jeffries had indicated that she was prepared to continue in this role and was duly appointed.

Elections for 2013/14:
The following, having been duly proposed and seconded, were elected
Chairman Ian Mcinnes
Vice Chairman Kenneth Wolfe
Hon. Secretary Patrick Spencer
Hon. Treasurer Russell Lloyd
Membership Secretary Wilf Taylor

Members of the Executive Committee:
Brian Green Editor of the Society Journal
Alastair Hanton Traffic & Transport sub-committee
David Roberts Planning & Architecture Group
Jill Manuel Trees sub-committee
Angela Wilkes Wildlife Group
John Ward Garden Group
Bernard Nurse Local History Group
Sue Badman
Bill Higman
Adrian Hill

Honorary Officers:
President: Dr.Colin Niven
Vice-Presidents: Ian Dejardin MA
Marion Gibbs BA Mlitt
His Honour Michael Goodman
Peter Lawson FRIBA FRSA
His Honour Michael Rich QC
Dr Gary Savage
Dr Joseph Spence

Any Other Business: Points made: considerable disruption will be experienced in January/February 2014 when 3 railway bridges are replaced.

Request from the Chairman that members should lodge their email address with the Society so that urgent information can be communicated, and an eNewsletter is a project being considered.

Concrete House: converting into 5 flats by a Housing Society.

Post & chains in College Road etc: Dulwich Estate is currently repainting those in its responsibility; Southwark short of funds so may delay work.

Discussion as to how we can attract new members; we have delivered leaflets to certain roads with limited success.

Criticism of advertising banners on boundaries of schools.

At the conclusion of the Meeting, the restored film of the Dulwich Millennium Celebrations in 1967 was shown.