Website News Articles – 08 October 2017

Revised item No 1: Almshouse planning application rejected: Southwark Council refused the planning application to build new almshouses on the open area next to the Judith Kerr School on Half Moon Lane on the following grounds:

  1. Having had regard to the supply of land for housing in the borough, it is considered that safeguarding the open space for Class D1 purposes in connection with Judith Kerr School is a more sustainable use of this site. In the absence of evidence which sufficiently demonstrates that the benefits of the scheme would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the harmful impacts of the development, and without realistic opportunities for equivalent re-provision of open space within the site to meet current or additional demands, the proposal is considered to be contrary to London Plan policy 3.16 'Protection and enhancement of social infrastructure', policy 3.18 'Education facilities', and policy 3.19 'Sports facilities'; Core Strategy Policy 4 'Places for learning, enjoyment and healthy lifestyles'; and Southwark Plan saved policies 2.3 'Enhancement of educational establishments' and 2.4 'Educational deficiency - provision of new educational establishments; and Policy DM52 of the Emerging New Southwark Plan.
  2. In the absence of a signed Section 106 Agreement, there is no mechanism in place to secure the delivery of affordable housing, or to avoid or mitigate the impact of the proposed development through projects or contributions, and the proposal would therefore be contrary to Policy 8.2 'Planning Obligations' of the London Plan 2016, Strategic Policy 14 'Implementation and Delivery' of the Core Strategy and saved Policy 2.5 'Planning Obligations' of the Southwark Plan 2007 and the S106 planning obligations and community infrastructure levy (CIL) SPD 2015.

The Dulwich Estate sent the press release below:

“Southwark Council’s decision to refuse planning consent for an Almshouse with 20 new life-time homes for the elderly in need, does not help the elderly residents of the Dulwich Almshouse, currently living in accommodation which is not fit for purpose.

The Dulwich Almshouse charity has made it clear there is great need for better sheltered housing for the older population to meet the current under-supply.  The proposed development would have helped elderly residents lead independent lives, and avoid the risks to physical and mental wellbeing which can arise from remaining in homes which are no longer suitable for their needs.

The design proposal was by award-winning architects, and included scope for innovative inter-generational projects with the Judith Kerr school. We will be working with The Dulwich Almshouse, to consider next steps.”

The Friends of Judith Kerr School Playing Field Campaign have also made this statement:

“We are absolutely delighted that Southwark Council has refused permission for the Dulwich Almshouse Charity's application to build new Almshouses on the school playing field. We would like to thank Shoosmith's Solicitors, parents at the school, Helen Hayes MP, Ward Councillors Michael Mitchell and Jane Lyons and the wider community for their ongoing support.

The school community is thriving, the children are happy and the space continues to be used for play, sport, vegetable gardening and local community events. We're looking forward to continuing to care for the space and the trees, playing an active part in the community alongside all the other local schools.”