boundary marker discovered, repaired, reinstalled

The Society has contributed to the repair of an 1870 Camberwell parish boundary marker that was recently discovered almost submerged in Sunray Gardens. 

Some volunteers came across the top of the boundary marker after clearing some weeds in the park and Paul Millington took on the restoration project. Most of the boundary marker was deeply buried, and its base was surrounded by concrete and tree roots. Dulwich Village councillors Margy Newens and Richard Leeming allocated Cleaner Greener Safer (CGS) funds to have it excavated, cleaned, and reinstalled. When it emerged from the ground damaged and broken, the Dulwich Society paid for the welding repairs undertaken by Priest Restorations. 

We know of two other boundary markers of the same design, though various Dulwich boundary markers survive (see here). Of the two like this one, one is at the top of Ruskin Walk and has been painted white while another in Crystal Palace has been painted black. This one has been lacquered to help to preserve it from the elements.

The photo shows the boundary marker newly emerging from the weeds, the excavated, broken pieces, and the newly cleaned, repaired and repositioned boundary marker.