This is a levy that local authorities can choose to charge on new developments in their area. The money can be used to support new development by funding strategic infrastructure that the council, local community and neighbourhoods want. Southwark is intending to become a CIL charging authority and, in order to do so, it must prepare and consult on a charging schedule which sets out the charging rate(s) (per square metre of new floor space) to be levied on new development in the borough.

Consultation on a preliminary draft CIL Charging Schedule was carried out between July and October 2012.  Following this next round of consultation, between 20th February & 3rd April 2013, the Council will submit the Draft CIL Charging Schedule, and all of the representations received during consultation, to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate office. The Draft CIL Charging Schedule will then be subject to an Examination in Public held by an independent Examiner during the Summer of 2013. 

The draft CIL Charging Schedule and its supporting documents are available to view on the council’s website at:
Comments can be made in writing or via email and sent to the following addresses. At this stage you are also able to request if you would like the right to be heard by the CIL Examiner at the forthcoming Examination in Public hearing.  

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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