The sergeant in charge of the three Dulwich wards, Iain Bartlay, is leaving us and we have yet to hear who his replacement is. He has done an excellent job but, over the last three years, Dulwich has gone from 3 to 1 sergeants locally - and Southwark as a whole has gone from 21 to 10. There has also been a recurrence of the car scratching that took place in Burbage Road three years ago - in Stradellaa Road & Gilkes Crescent. There have also been reports of credit card scams locally - a resident had  £1000 taken from a building society account  - apparently an extra card had been applied for in their name, it was sent to their address but was never received – it seems that it had been intercepted either at the post office or on the delivery round. There have also been two reports of HMRC refund cheques being stolen.