Dulwich residents who attended the Dulwich Community Council meeting last night were very unhappy to hear about the slow progress on the redevelopment of the Dulwich Community Hospital site. The Regional  Disposal lead for the NHS Property Company, who are the current owners of the site, told the meeting that his organisation had now gone out to consultation to a GLA panel of developers for advice on the best location on the site for the proposed health facility - with regard to maximising the development potential for the remainder of the site. The meeting was extremely unhappy and reminded him, and officers from the Southwark CCG who were also there, that the site was seen as an asset to the community, and should be used to provide local facilities such as a new school, and not just as a cash cow for housing developers. Both councillors and members of the audience repeatedly asked to see a copy of the brief given to the developers' panel - the response was less than helpful.
Further discussion confirmed that the time scale had still not been determined and that wide public consultation on the future of the site did not appear to feature in the NHS Property Company's programme.
The attitude of the NHS contrasted badly with the following presentation on the proposed Crystal Palace development where extensive public consultation was seen as an important part of the development process.
There is clearly a potential danger that there will be no new community facilities on the site other than the health facility - is this acceptable to residents? Surely not.