To celebrate the 20th Dulwich Festival, Southwark Council has created London Life, a series of innovative live art events celebrating the heritage and people of south Southwark. Pedal pulled art, moving sculptures and a host of curiosities will all be coming to Dulwich this May. 

The Culture Cart (12, 18 & 19 May, various venues)  A hand-crafted, cart, drawn by an English gentleman on a vintage bicycle will travel around Dulwich hosting a range of printing workshops, inspired by Dulwich’s historical and cultural heritage. 

The Curious Exchange (10 to 19 May, East Dulwich) Artists and makers are invited to give something they've made to be displayed in a cabinet of curiosities.  Each contributor can then exchange their object for someone else’s creation. The Curious Exchange will be open to view throughout the festival.

Build Your Worlds (19 May, Dulwich Park Fair) Bringing people of all ages together in a vibrant celebratory performance, Build Your Worlds features over 200 local people working together to create musical buildings, dancing paintings and moving sculptures.

They Are Coming... (11 to 19 May, Dulwich Library) Who? What? Why? We could tell you, but that would spoil the surprise.

The festival also includes a lively walks and talks programme, the popular Festival Fair on Goose Green (12 May) and Dulwich Park Fair (19 May), as well as the much-loved Artists’ Open House programme.  A street art festival with internationally renowned artists will enliven the streets of Dulwich with large murals re-imagining famous paintings from Dulwich Picture Gallery.

The events delivered by Southwark Council have been developed in partnership with Dulwich Society, Dulwich Park Friends, Dulwich Festival, Pavilion Café, local councillors and residents.

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