b&w photo of a shopping street with a pub on the left, shops on the right and a horse and carts in the foreground

Online talk: Tuesday 2 January 2024, 8pm

Before 1860 East Dulwich had two pubs. By the end of the East Dulwich housing boom in the 1880s, there were nearly 20 together with two beer houses and a similar number of beer shops and off-licenses. Pubs were not only for drinking and socialising they were also entertainment, community and sporting centres. Many licensees were interesting characters. as were some of their customers. And, unlike many other parts of London, almost all the buildings are still standing, most still used as pubs - though now run by boutique pub companies rather than large breweries or pub proprietors. Join Ian McInnes to find out more about our local history. 

Tickets are £5 per person with proceeds to St Christopher’s Hospice and are available on the Bell House website. If you need a free ticket please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..