The 2023 AGM was held at the Crown and Greyhound on 24th April and was attended by 50 people including two local ward councillors. The President, Dr Kenneth Wolfe, welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked the Officers and Committee for their work during the year. After the members accepted the previous AGM and SGM minutes, the Chair gave a resume of the Society’s activities in 2022. He particularly thanked Brian Green for his hard work on the Society’s Journal over 20 years and presented him with an honorary life membership. 

The Chair announced that draft new Rules are now on the Constitution and Accounts section of the website. They can be found here
and members are encouraged to comment. The consultation period ends on 23 October 2023. 

The accounts were approved and the president re-elected, together with the list of honorary officers and sub-committee chairs. 
In the Q&A session, there was discussion regarding the future development of the Grove Tavern site, lift access at Dulwich stations, the pedestrian crossing at Dulwich Common/Lordship Lane, the Society’s neutral stance on LTNs, the operation of the Calton Avenue/Dulwich Village Junction, traffic in boundary roads and Dulwich Estate’s Green Strategy and Guidelines, amongst other topics.  

The draft minutes of the 2023 AGM will be posted on the website in the next few weeks. The approved Annual Report and Accounts for 2022 can be found here