Applications have been made to Southwark to install 3 electric car charging points at each of the following locations:

  • Woodwarde Road - 16/AP/3942
  • Eastlands Crescent - 16/AP/3905
  • Half Moon Lane – 16/AP/3911
  • Pickwick Road - 16/AP/3933
  • Ruskin Walk – 16/AP/3926
  • Townley Road - 16/AP/3933
  • Crescent Wood Road at Sydenham Hill - 16/AP/3903
  • Hunts Slip Road - 16/AP/3913
  • College Road at Grange Lane - 16/AP/3901
  • College Road outside Breakspeare - 16/AP/3900

Many residents are concerned over the lack of consultation and the apparently random placing of the new points in the roads. Councillors have been involved and are seeking further clarification and discussion before any decisions are made.