The decision date for the phase 2 emergency measures has passed & they will be implemented soon. More Info at:

The Phase 3 emergency measures for Dulwich Village have now also been published and include timed closures (with cameras but no permits) and permeable filters (i.e. roads closed to motorised traffic); also, the use of ‘bus gates’ with timed restrictions. The Council are currently proposing implementation in October.

On Wednesday 26 September the Council hosted three online meetings with residents in Area B (roads east of the DV junction), Area C (roads west of the junction) as well as traders. The Society attended these meetings. While there was support for the measures in both Areas B and C from those who attended, several residents were concerned over the impact of ‘bus gates’ on access to their homes and to medical facilities and hospitals in the morning and evening peaks. It was clear to everyone that, to reduce queues of cars north bound in Dulwich village during the day, TfL needs to urgently install a right-turn filter at the Dulwich Village/East Dulwich Grove junction.