a Victorian poverty map showing part of  East Dulwich

Gentle ‘gentrification’ in an area of East Dulwich with Julia Atkins

8pm on Tuesday 4 April 2023

Our next local history online talk will cover current research into a part of East Dulwich. In 1898 Charles Booth surveyed the area of East Dulwich as part of his studies of poverty in London, and defined many streets in East Dulwich as a mix of poverty and comfort.

Into the 1970s housing in East Dulwich, east of Lordship Lane, was approaching 100 years old. One small part of the area was declared a statutory housing action area (HAA) to concentrate resources on improving properties and helping households.

Current research in a small Study Area, including a part of the HAA, looks at the area over time and considers its sustainability for the twenty first century.

About the Speaker
Julia Atkins, now retired, has conducted housing policy research for local, London and national government for over fifty years. She had research responsibility for the Pellatt Road Housing Action Area, when she worked for Southwark Council.

Tickets are £5 and are available from Bell House