The shops in Half Moon Lane affected by the recent flood are gradually reopening and it is essential that those that are open receive our support. Not surprisingly footfall has reduced since the flood and it needs to return to its former level.

To help things along Southwark traffic wardens have been banned from issuing tickets outside the shops. A local shopkeeper tweeted: “Why does Southwark council send traffic wardens to Half Moon Lane all day. We’re trying to recover from flooding.” Later he added: “Traffic warden patrolling Half Moon Lane from 8.30 gonna [sic] be a busy day not, thank you Southwark”, and “another day of parking gestapo, and guess what no customers after 12 o’clock”.

Southwark Council saw the tweets and agreed not to issue any more fines in the bays until further notice. Local Village Ward Councillor Robin Crookshank Hilton was supportive and said “The traders need to be allowed to get on with the renovations.”