The Society objected to Lombok Thai's application for extended closing hours in Herne Hill and their request for a licence to play recorded music hours daily later than 11pm on the grounds of the potential for public nuisance. The extended closing hours sought on Monday-Thursdays (until 00.30) exceed by 30 minutes the suggested closing times for restaurants/cafes in District Town Centres set out in Southwark Council's Statement of Licensing Policy 2016 - 2020. The Dulwich Society can see no good reason why such an extension should be granted, bearing in mind that no other local cafe/restaurant has such extended closing hours. An extension of closing hours is the thin edge of the wedge, encouraging other similar establishments to seek extended closing times in what (despite its designation as a District Town Centre) is essentially a residential area. The closing times should not exceed the Licensing Policy’s recommended closing times for cafes/restaurants. The grant of an application for a licence to play recorded music daily until 00.30 (Sunday 00.00) may potentially give rise to noise nuisance. The Society accepts that a licence to play recorded music is not required between 08.00 - 23.00.  Recorded music should cease to be played in Lombok Thai at 23.00.