Following the end of the meeting, the Zoom reports on participants and voting were downloaded. These were cross-referenced with the membership list and the votes were then counted and validated. The results were as follows:
Motion 1: That the process for appointment of members of the Society’s sub-committees and all minutes of their meetings must be published on the Society’s website, including declarations of interest.
The motion was carried by 90 votes to 53, with 4 abstentions
The Society's Executive Committee had already agreed to this motion and, following the next Executive Committee meeting on 12th July, a more detailed statement about the process for the appointment of members of the Society’s sub-committees will be prepared and published on the Society's website, along with minutes of the future sub-committee meetings, including declarations of interest.
Motion 2: The Society must undertake a formal, independent and impartial survey of its Membership about the remit the Membership wishes the Society to adopt with regard to the Society’s long term policy position on Travel and Environment. The findings of this consultation with Members to be published in full on the Society’s website and available on request to all members.
The motion was rejected by 79 votes to 67, with 3 abstentions