Following on from the ‘sold’ sign recently seen on the boundary wall a planning application has now been made to build three houses on the former rear garden along Red Post Hill. Many local residents joined the Society in objecting to a previous proposal which was turned down by the Council and confirmed on appeal. Nothing has changed and many local residents remain strongly opposed to any plans for this site which has never been built on and has become a haven for trees and wildlife. There is also the question of access, currently a four feet wide gate which opens on to a narrow pavement by the bus stop opposite North Dulwich Station. The applicants have said that they intend to leave the access as it is and that purchasers will either not have cars or park their cars in surrounding streets - but there is the question of how the scheme is actually built if this is the only access.
The Dulwich Village Conservation Area Appraisal says, in Paragraph 3.6.2, that ‘Lyndenhurst's large rear garden has not been developed, although half of it has been separated off. This garden setting positively enhances the listed building. It is important for the proper preservation of the character of the conservation area that the open setting is preserved, and that both parts of the former garden remain undeveloped’. Who can disagree?