Council officers met both the Safer Routes to School group and RAs to discuss some of the detailed proposals in more detail earlier in the month. The full consultation report should be published around 15 June for discussion at the Dulwich Community Council which meets on 22 June. At that meeting a recommendation will be agreed and submitted to the Cabinet Member for the Environment & Public Realm and lead decision maker later in June/July. Implementation of the proposals is due to start later in 2016 subject to further redesign, traffic orders and statutory consultations.

Copy of email from Village Ward Councillors Jane Lyons and Michael Mitchell dated 23 May 2016
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Subject: Reconsider Quietway 7 route through Dulwich Village

Dear All

We are writing as ward councillors for Village Ward in Southwark as you are new in post and with responsibility for transport.

As you may be aware Village Ward is currently targeted as part of the Quietways 7 route from the Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace, running along Calton Avenue, through Dulwich Village junction, and then down through Turney Road.

This section has caused an outcry amongst residents and businesses alike. The route was visited upon us with no prior consultation or option to change it; and £000s have been spent in consulting at speed with an unwilling but engaged community in an attempt, so far failed, to make the proposed route an acceptable one.

Key points of objection from within the community are the ineffectiveness of consultation, loss of parking spaces, and the unnecessary redesign of the main junction in the village, with no apparent or evidenced gains or improvements for cyclists - just a worse deal for everyone else.

As you are new to post we are writing now to ask that Village Ward section of the route of Quietways 7 be reconsidered. You will have this opportunity to reconsider because we currently await an outstanding traffic survey of the impact of coaches on a key part of the route and the potential impact of the proposed arbitrary introduction of double yellow lines on every junction in Dulwich.

Finally our understanding is that £600,000 has been allocated specifically for the Quietway route through the ward. We believe that this money could be much better spent developing an holistic overview and solution to the traffic demands in Dulwich which would be of benefit to all road users including pedestrians.

Yours sincerely