A Freedom of Information request a local resident elicited the following response:

The cost for design and project management along the entire Quietway 7 route for 2017/18 is £200,550. It is not possible to provide a breakdown of costs for Court Lane, Carlton Avenue and Dulwich Village. For the Dulwich Village junction, the cost for 2017/18 of civil works is £268,639 and the estimated cost of resurfacing is £50,000-55,000.

Most of the current works in Calton Avenue and Woodwarde Road are supposed to be finished by 28 March but the junctions at Woodward and Townley Road will remain closed until 5 April. The website to offer feedback on the junction performance The link to the online form is:  http://www.southwark.gov.uk/transport-and-roads/roadworks-and-highway-improvements/street-improvements/quietway-7-monitoring-and-evaluation-of-dulwich-village. Here you will also find a report summarising the outcomes of site visits and road safety audits carried out so far – this includes recent responses to safety concerns from TfL. This report will be continually updated as further monitoring is undertaken. There is also an updated design drawing showing further changes to signage and road markings at Dulwich Village to address some of the initial concerns.