The last public consultation was held on 14th November (16.00-19.30hrs) at the Montessori School in Half Moon Lane.  The sections of road by the railway bridges in Croxted Road and Rosendale Roads will be closed to all vehicle traffic from Saturday 11 to Sunday 26 January (with a pedestrian walkway except for the actual construction works on the weekend of 17/19 January).


The Village Way railway bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic from Saturday 8 to Sunday 23 February – the actual construction work will take place on the weekend of 15/16 February.

It is now clear that there will be major alterations to local bus routes, the 3, 201 and 322 and Transport for London has identified alternative routes that will impact on local residents’ on-street parking arrangements.

Points to note:

For approximately two weeks Bus 3 will be diverted down Gallery Road, Burbage Road and Half Moon Lane and Bus 201 (single decker) will be diverted down Turney, Burbage and Half Moon Lane.  Both buses have apparently been “tested” on the routes including the tight turns at Turney/Burbage junction and the Burbage to Gallery roundabout. There will be no intervening bus stops on the diversion. When Croxted/Rosendale/Village Way are closed during lifting weekends, there will be a shuttle bus which will take pedestrians from one side of the bridge to the other (with no intervening stops). There will be temporary parking restrictions as follows:

  • Double yellow lines around the Burbage/Gallery roundabout – in Burbage Road, Dulwich Village, Gallery Road, College Road and around the roundabout.
  • Stop sign and line in Gallery Road – will be placed several metres back from the roundabout, probably close to end of Old Grammar School building.
  • Double yellow lines down one side of Burbage Road from the bridge to the junction with Turney Road (??)
  • Double yellow lines in Turney Road between houses 87-103/142 – 152 close to traffic island.
  • Double yellow lines in Turney Road close to junction with Burbage Road (??).
  • Restrictions close to bridges include yellow lines and closure of parking spaces.  Special arrangements are being made for those residents immediately adjacent to bridges.