The Dulwich Estate has confirmed that Sainsbury’s will be taking over from Shepherds at 88 Dulwich Village. They are likely to open early in the New Year. The store will be a Sainsbury’s Local Micro store and be the same size as the existing one.

Many residents are concerned over their proposed opening hours as the alcohol licence application implies that the shop will be open for 24 hours even though they will only serve alcohol from 7am-11pm. After some pressure, the Society has had written assurances from both the Dulwich Estate and Sainsbury’s that the hours of trading will be from 7am-11pm.

Preliminary elevation drawings show that the shopfront is unchanged and that it will not be painted a bright colour. The Society will comment formally when a planning application is made.

The other concern is loading and unloading. Sainsbury’s are assuming that they will unload in the adjacent parking bays next to the restaurants but everyone know that these are usually full of parked cars and the trucks stop in the road. The Society and local councillors are seeking clarification on delivery times and frequency.