Society letter to Jerome Pacatte, head of customer services at Blackfriars Station

We met at the briefing you provided some months ago to representatives of rail users. With a colleague, Barry Coker, I came as representing the Dulwich Society. This Society has over a thousand households in membership, many of whom use your services regularly commuting to and from the city or for ad hoc journeys.

We would like to discuss with you or a suitable local Manager the possibilities for improvements at NORTH DULWICH station. The changes which we would like to see include:

  1. Step free access to and from the platforms. We have discussed this with David Hignett of Network Rail. He has explained to us the criteria for use of funds from Access for All, particularly the numbers of passengers using each station. With him we have looked at possible locations for lifts at North Dulwich station. It appears that a signal on the DOWN platform might present an obstacle. The stairs on the UP and DOWN platforms were replaced a year or so ago. It seems to us that these stairs could be moved a few feet forward to give room for lifts.
  2. Access from platforms to carriages. Installing Harrington humps on the two platforms would make it easier for passengers. These would be particularly useful at the ends of the platforms with the highest difference in height, viz at the ends nearest to the exits.
  3. Seats in the waiting area by the ticket office.
  4. Covered waiting areas on the platforms, particularly on the UP platform.
  5. Provision of a publicly available toilet. The toilet at the station is at present only available to staff.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss these matters on site with you or a colleague.

We hope that such improvements to customer facilities would increase revenue for your company and benefit the locality.

We look forward to hearing from you.