The Council has sent the following letter to all residents who will be directly affected by the Phase 2 and 3 emergency traffic measures being introduced into Dulwich Village. it says:

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how many people live, work, travel and use Southwark’s streets and spaces. As a result, the council has introduced experimental transport measures. Across Southwark, we are fast-tracking a variety of measures that support increased walking and cycling, allow social distancing and discourage a rise in motor traffic.

The Dulwich area was prioritised as it has very high volumes of traffic passing through its local streets, with a high number of schools and school pupils exposed to this. Our first intervention in Dulwich was the installation of a ‘permeable filter’ at the junction of Court Lane, Calton Avenue and Dulwich Village. This means the junction is closed to motor traffic but not to pedestrians, cycles, scooters or wheelchairs. The next phase of trial measures in Dulwich has been developed following community engagement and aims to improve the measures already installed by creating a holistic low-traffic neighbourhood that enables safe walking and cycling, and encourages healthier lifestyles for the Dulwich community.

These experimental measures will facilitate a live consultation with local people on how they work. The experimental measures are installed for a maximum of 18 months and within that time the council will carry out several reviews and will consider people’s views to decide whether to make the trial permanent or to remove these measures. We will be monitoring the impact of these changes during the trial period, using counts of motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, we are inviting residents to let us know how they affect the streets they use - whether positively or negatively - using the feedback map at You can also subscribe for regular updates on this project.

Starting on Monday 16th November the following roads will have measures installed to restrict traffic travelling northbound or eastbound only from 8-10am and 3-6pm on Mondays-Fridays. There will be no restrictions at weekends and the measures have been designed so that there is always an alternative route for residents, visitors and deliveries to access every road in the area at all times of the week.

  • Dulwich Village at the junction with Burbage Road – a northbound camera enforced restriction
  • Burbage Road (South) at the junction with Dulwich Village – a northbound camera enforced restriction
  • Burbage Road (North) at the junction with Turney Road – a northbound camera enforced restriction
  • Turney Road at the junction with Burbage Road – an eastbound camera enforced restriction
  • Townley Road at the junction with Calton Avenue – a northbound camera enforced restriction

There will also be new double yellow lines installed on the section of Dulwich Village south of the junction with East Dulwich Grove.

Following community request and in response to the Phase 1 measures we have also made changes to the junction of Red Post Hill to introduce a right-turn filter to reduce northbound delays to traffic on Dulwich Village.

To find out more information and the review dates for these measures please subscribe to the Council’s newsfeed at You can also write to the Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Freepost address RSCE-TGHU-CUZB Southwark Council, Highways, Rachel Gates, 160 Tooley Street SE1 2TZ.