Chantelle leading a paths work group at Sydenham Hill Woods

Sydenham Hill Wood is a nature reserve loved and used by many but that popularity comes at a cost. As visitor numbers soared in the 2020 lockdown and stayed high, heavy footfall has taken its toll on the woodland. London Wildlife Trust needs your help to restore over 300 metres of the main paths in the wood, helping to keep walkers away from sensitive ground flora and undisturbed areas on which wildlife such as nesting birds and hedgehogs rely. From 22-29 April London Wildlife Trust needs to raise at least £50,000 via The Big Give’s Green Match Fund for this work. The Big Give & The Dulwich Society will match donations up to a total of £10,000, meaning your gift could be worth twice as much. Restoring the paths is expensive – recent improvements cost £18,000 for 150m – so your support is valuable in protecting this special place. Donations open 12.00pm 22 April - 12.00pm 29 April. Donate here.

If you would like to find out more about Sydenham Hill Wood and the works they are raising funds for, London Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Officer, Sam Taylor will be leading two guided walks on Tuesday 26th April from 11-12 & 2-3pm. To join the walk, please meet Sam at Crescent Wood Road entrance opposite Countisbury House, no need to book. For further info on the walk please see here.