The Society held a public meeting at the Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club pavilion on Saturday 4 November. 40 people attended.

Current concerns:

  • Loss of pub and community benefits.
  • The deteriorating condition of the building – unanimous agreement that either the current tenant or the Dulwich Estate should maintain the site properly.
  • The Council should deal with the homeless people who were now using the site.
  • The potential for an increase in crime in the area with people camping in the garden.
  • TfL’s lack of action in moving forward with its promise to improve the junction for pedestrians.

The conversation:

  • There was no consensus as to the best way forward.
  • A small majority were in favour of keeping the buildings as a pub and community facility although several speakers pointed out that the short lease would preclude this option unless the council undertook compulsory purchase.
  • The draft Southwark Plan’s current proposal to build over 60 flats was viewed with suspicion by some, both in terms of the potential end users and the impact of a large new building on the local environment.
  • There was doubt that adding retail units or a small pub to the scheme would be commercially viable.

Actions now:

  • It was agreed that it was essential that local people should act together on this, using the press and other social media to highlight the situation and press the Dulwich Estate to act.
  • That the Dulwich Society would check whether the site was in a conservation area and if section 215 legislation was appropriate.
  • Catherine Rose, College Ward Councillor present, agreed to ask Council officers to examine the options for council action and report back at the next Dulwich Community Council meeting in January.