external view of a building with bright blue sky behind and a large bird flying in front

Wildlife Committee member Dave Clark volunteers at the very special PODA Bird Reserve in Bulgaria. With only two bird reserves in an area the size of the UK, Bulgaria has limited opportunities to experience nature undisturbed. PODA Bird Reserve provides fantastic nature engagement opportunities for the local community with many schools and children relying on it to access nature. Also, international birders and tourists can experience the passage of migration on the famous Via Pontica route where pelicans, eagles and storks can readily be seen.

Unlike in the UK where many visitors to bird reserves have a good general knowledge of birds and nature, most of the 10,000 visitors per year to PODA (over 50% of whom are children) have limited knowledge of birds and nature, so the engagement provided by PODA is key.

Unfortunately the regularly-used telescopes are no longer serviceable and a new set are needed. After recent conservation improvements, funds are running low so Dave is raising money for a new set of telescopes. You can donate on the JUST GIVING page.

If you could help in any way and also spread the word that would be much appreciated by all concerned with the Reserve. Thank you.