colour photo of Sam King, an elderly Black man with white hair and a white moustache, standing in front of a brick wall. He is wearing a shirt, tie, v-neck jumper and tweed jacket

Sam Beaver King MBE (1926-2016) was a Jamaican-British campaigner and community activist. He served in the Royal Air Force during WW2 then in 1948 he returned to London on the Empire Windrush. He settled in Warmington Rd in Herne Hill and became the first black mayor of Southwark and the first Jamaican to be mayor anywhere outside of Jamaica. Sam is included in Duncan Bowie's "200 Years of Dulwich Radicals".

A short film about Sam King by RoadWorks Media,  in partnership with Black Heroes Foundation, explains how he was instrumental in maintaining the records of those who voyaged from the Caribbean and how he was inspired to co-found The Windrush Foundation. It also covers his ground-breaking mayoralty of Southwark. Watch it on YouTube here.