Travel and Environment

At its meeting in September, the executive committee of the Dulwich Society discussed the remit of Travel and Environment subcommittee. Over the summer the executive committee undertook a review of the activities of the subcommittee and how best to fulfil the important environmental objectives that the Society has. Harry Winter had expressed his desire to step down as chair of the subcommittee and this was considered in the review. 

As a consequence of this review, the executive committee decided that the Travel and Environment subcommittee be disbanded. 

The members of the subcommittee have been informed of this decision. Harry's management of the subcommittee, in particular his fairness and balance in allowing all members' views to be given, has been widely praised both by members of the subcommittee and in the executive committee.

The executive committee thanked Harry and the members of the subcommittee for their valuable contribution to the Society and the T&E subcommittee.