Duncan Bowie, Society member, has published a new book: 'Two Hundred Years of Dulwich Radicals', available from local bookshops. A history of Dulwich suffragettes, anti-slavery campaigners and social reformers, it is a fascinating read for anyone who is interested in British political and social history, the history of the Dulwich area, or both. It documents the lives of men and women, some of them - like John Ruskin, Ebenezer Howard and Sam King - celebrated figures whose stories are well known, others less so, but no less fascinating. Who knew that radical reformers from George and Harriet Grote in the 1830s, suffragette Agnes O'Mara and her Sinn Fein MP husband James O'Mara in the 1900s, Lewis Silkin in the 1920s and Leslie Hale MP for Oldham and champion of decolonisation in the 1940s, all lived on College Road?