Unveiling of the stretcher railings
Brian Green, Ian McInnes, Sue Badman, Sharon O'Connor, Cllr Peter John and Cllr Sarah King

The Dulwich Society unveiled its latest information board on Saturday 19 February 2022. During World War Two, Camberwell Borough Council announced that it was collecting metal railings from churches, houses and other buildings to be turned into weapons. Some of those railings were used to make stretchers for the dead and injured. After the war the stretchers were themselves recycled and turned back into railings which were installed on the East Dulwich Estate, Dog Kennel Hill. When the estate was refurbished the stretchers, now more than 70 years old, were mostly removed but some were retained.

Our information board is sited at the junction of Quorn Road and Dog Kennel Hill. It gives context to the story of the railings and also the 1940 attack on Quorn Road during the Blitz which is commemorated by our plaque, just behind the board.

The unveiling of the board was made by Ian McInnes and Brian Green gave a short talk on the history. Southwark Councillors Catherine Rose, Sarah King and Peter John attended together with more than 30 members of the community.