This is your chance to shape the future of Southwark!

Southwark Council is preparing important plans for regeneration and new development in Southwark.

The document is known as the Core Strategy. This will affect

  • space available for community groups and small businesses
  • how much new housing is built and where it goes
  • what type of housing is built
  • how much space is provided for jobs,
  • where shopping, leisure and cultural uses are located

This is your chance to choose the future of the borough. Do you think that Dulwich should continue to have low density housing?

Do you agree that the main types of development in Dulwich should be infill housing and that shopping areas and open spaces should be protected?

You can comment on the issues and options starting 3rd November 2008. All comments must be received by 5pm 15th December 2008.

Find out more at:

Or contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.