The Dulwich Society will unveil a commemorative plaque to World War II victims of Wood Vale on Saturday 6th July 2013 at 12 noon (near the junction with Lordship Lane)

In commemoration of those killed by a V1 flying bomb on 6th July 1944

Elsie Bayles 62, Jessie Bayles 59, Edwina Burbury 71, Theresa Chalmers  15, Arthur Clements 78, Mary Foulkes 67, Grace Gardner 19, Madeline Gardner 45, Alicia Lavinia Hawken 77, Alicia Pauline Hawken 47, John Kinsella 65, Selina Kirkland 63, Albert Smith 51, Louisa Smith 66.

A press report of this explosion which destroyed a tenement named White Gables at the Lordship Lane end of Woodvale in the early hours of Thursday 6th July 1944 says that because of the precarious state of the building which was partly collapsed, eleven of those killed were trapped in the semi-basement of the block and rescuers were unable to reach them until the following day.