Please join the meeting between 7.30pm and 8pm for registration.

1) Why is the AGM being held on Zoom?
The AGM will be held online. The Society’s intention had been to hold the AGM in the function room at the Crown and Greyhound in Dulwich Village on 14 September. The current rise in the rate of Covid-19 infections, and the knowledge that several residents who had been double vaccinated have still caught the virus, has led the Executive Committee to decide that a meeting in an enclosed room at this point would be inappropriate, consequently the AGM will be held on Zoom.
The Charity Commission has advised that virtual AGMs or SGMs are acceptable in the current circumstances, and the reasons for holding a virtual meeting should be recorded in the minutes.

2) Do I need a Zoom account to join the meeting?
No, a Zoom account is not required to join the AGM Meeting as a participant.

3) How do I join the Zoom meeting?
You can join the meeting by clicking on the meeting link: and adding the Passcode: 592469 when requested
or going to and entering the meeting ID and Passcode when requested.
Meeting ID: 977 3512 1186
Passcode: 592469

You will enter a waiting room and be admitted to the meeting after a short pause.
When your screen appears, please go to the small blue box in the upper right-hand corner, click on “Rename” and input your first name and surname (if it is not already displayed). This will then appear on your screen and will be checked by an administrator to confirm your eligibility to attend and vote. Note: Some iPads and tablets display the button for “Rename” in a different location on the screen. You can also go to the Participants List, find your name, then click on “More” which will take you to “Rename”.

4) What devices can I access Zoom on?
You can use your computer, laptop, phone or mobile phone to access the AGM on Zoom. If accessing by phone we can provide numbers, you can call (voice only and you would not be able to vote at the meeting) or you could participate fully via a browser or the Zoom app on a ‘smart’ mobile phone.

5) Household participation in the AGM?
Two or more participants in the same household can attend the Zoom AGM either using the same device or separate devices. You may get some interference if using a computer/laptop and a mobile phone in the same room. Each household only has one vote in line with the Society Rules (Rule 3)
6) Who will manage the meeting?
The meeting will be managed by the Chair who will progress the business of the meeting and Zoom Hosts, who will admit participants, mute and unmute them, control screen sharing of documents (if required) and oversee the votes.

7) What time should I join the meeting?
The meeting starts promptly at 8pm. We would like you to join the meeting from 7.30pm onwards. You will be held in a virtual Waiting Room until your name has been checked and the Host is ready to admit you to the meeting.

8) How do I make sure I can hear others and be heard?
On most devices, you can join computer/device audio by clicking “Join Audio”, “Join with Computer Audio” or “Audio” to access the audio settings. There is a facility on Zoom to Test Audio so you can check how loud your microphone and speaker(s) are.

Most participants will be muted by the Host, unless speaking or asking a question, to minimise background distractions. You can unmute yourself if you have been called on to speak, by clicking the blue square on your screen that says “Unmute” or by toggling the Audio on/off icon button.

9) Do I need a webcam to join the Zoom meeting?
You are not required to have a webcam to join the Zoom meeting, but if you don’t have a camera or if you choose to switch video off, you will not be seen by other participants. Your name/photo will appear on your screen. You will be able to listen and speak during the meeting and view the webcam video of other participants.

10) Will I be able to see all the other participants?
Yes, unless they are not using video. For some of the meeting, the main part of your screen will be taken up with Powerpoint slides. If you click on “Gallery View” in the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will see a small picture of everyone, as well as the slide. As all the participants will not fit on one screen, you will need to click on the up or down arrow to see all the participants. If you click on “Speaker View” you will have a large picture of the person speaking as well as the slide.

11) How will you check who has attended?
A list of attendees will be saved by the Host to assist the Minuting Secretary.

12) Will the meeting be recorded?
Yes, the AGM will be recorded (audio and video) to assist with minute-taking and record-keeping. If you prefer not to be visually recorded, you should turn your video off. The recording will be stored securely and will only be available to Officers of the Society for the purposes of administering the AGM. The recording will be deleted when the Minutes have been transcribed. The recording will not be made available for viewing after the meeting.

13) Chat
Meeting Chat will be limited to enable participants to contact the meeting hosts. The content of the Chat will only be seen by the hosts and the participant sending comments.

The Zoom Chat transcript will be saved and used to identify any questions which cannot be answered in the meeting.

14) Meeting Procedure and process for questions or comments during the AGM
The Society Chairman will introduce the meeting and make announcements about the meeting procedures. The business of the AGM is set out in the Agenda and the Chair will progress the meeting in line with the agenda. Full details at

There will be Zoom online polls at various points in the meeting for approval of items and the elections. Only Society Members can vote. Under the Society Rules Rule 3 Membership “Membership will normally be for a household i.e., all adults living at the same address. In the event of a vote being needed at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting only one vote is permitted per household.” The results will be announced after the polls have been completed, the results will be verified after the meeting and will also be included in the meeting minutes in due course.

As is customary, after the completion of the elections, the new Chairman will take over the chairmanship of the meeting.

Questions will be taken under item 10 AOB. Members were asked to notify the Chairman and Secretary of questions seven days in advance of the AGM.

Comments and questions in the Chat will be monitored by the meeting hosts who will endeavour to answer questions or ask the Chair to respond.

After the agenda is completed, the meeting will be closed. There is no talk after the meeting.

14) What if I need additional assistance before the meeting?
If you have any queries before the meeting, please email the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6th September 2021