The Dulwich Society has played a part in number significant local issues which are explained in detail in other pages of this issue. The first to be highlighted is the concern that the Trees and the Wildlife Committees expressed over what appeared to be the felling of a large number of trees in the course of the re-ordering of Dulwich Park. The Society arranged a Public Meeting when this concern were addressed and a satisfactory course agreed with Land Use Consultants who are handling the project.

The same two sub-committees also registered their concern over the proposed felling of the splendid Zelkova tree at the junction of College Road and Dulwich Common which was thought to be leaning at a precarious angle over the busy road junction. The Dulwich Society's action of engaging their own tree expert contributed to the final outcome of a reprieve for this handsome and historic tree from the expert representing the Deputy Prime Minister's Office to whom the matter had been referred.

The announcement that the connecting ancient pathway from Greendale to Dog Kennel Hill is to be re-opened and re-ordered by Groundwork Southwark is most welcome news, especially to the residents of the Sunray Estate who now have an easy access to Sainsbury's. This newsletter can take a modest credit for highlighting this issue.

Although the Dulwich Society has taken a neutral stance on the proposed redevelopment of the Velodrome (Herne Hill Stadium), it has helped to fund the Burbage Road Residents' Association costs of a traffic survey. The latest news on this project is that the Dulwich Estate has agreed to a three month extension to the original one year extension granted to Southwark Council in order that the trustees of the proposed Velodrome could formulate an acceptable business plan. The proposers of the redevelopment should be aware that other uses for the ground could be found; great interest is being shown in acquiring leases of grounds in Dulwich by football training clubs. Both Dulwich Hamlet FC and Pelo Football are running football training on local sports grounds which are well-run and well-supported. If a conclusion is not reached after this fifteen month lease extension on the Stadium the Estate may be unwilling to extend it further. In the meantime, it is understood, that Southwark Council, which incidentally supports the football initiatives, has pumped a further £100,000 into keeping the original Velodrome proposal alive.