Dulwich's main industry is education. As a consequence, journeys to and from its numerous schools impact upon on local streets and the environment. The Dulwich Society takes a close interest in this, both because of our objective in fostering the amenities of Dulwich, and also because many of our members' households include pupils or teachers.

The Society has therefore collaborated with schools in northern Dulwich in their efforts to encourage walking and cycling to school, instead of pupils being ferried by car. Two initiatives have developed from this collaboration.

Firstly: changes to road layouts to make it safer for pupils walking to school. With money from Transport for London and work by Southwark Council, the following changes have been made:

  • A zebra crossing outside Alleyn's School in Townley Road.
  • A zebra crossing in Burbage Road.
  • A zebra crossing and traffic calming outside the Charter School in Red Post Hill.
  • Narrowing Woodwarde Road at the Calton Avenue junction.
  • Raising the carriageways at road junctions along Half Moon Lane and Townley Road.

Secondly: promotional activities to persuade pupils to change their travel patterns. The activities have included:

  • Walk to School Weeks.
  • Walking 'buses'.
  • Wooden plaques designed and carved by pupils and displayed throughout Dulwich.

These activities have resulted in a shift of travel patterns, away from cars and towards walking and cycling, with consequent benefits to the local environment and to pupils' health.

To celebrate this success the Dulwich Society agreed to donate to a charity of the schools' choice £1 for every pupil who walked or cycled to school for the whole of Good Going Week in September. 376 pupils from Alleyns, JAGS and JAPS did this and the Society has sent £376 to a charity called Whizz Kidz, which provides mobility aids for children who are unable to walk or cycle.

The Society has been pleased to join this successful initiative and looks forward to joining any comparable scheme which other Dulwich schools may take.

Alastair Hanton
Traffic and Transport Committee

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